Optimize your site for fast page loading

In the competitive eCommerce industry, you must not miss any opportunity to capture users’ attention. Optimizing your website’s page speed is an important factor for any online user to decide whether they should interact with the site or not. Improving your eCommerce site’s page speed will help your online business grow by allowing you to seize the customers’ attention.

Project next quarter’s transaction volume and have an infrastructure that can support twice that amount

With Magento Business Intelligence, you can figure out Revenue, Unique Customers’ Volume, Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc. This will help you forecast next quarter’s traffic and transaction quantity through previous quarters’ statistics. Getting ready with the infrastructure that can handle twice the amount of traffic and transactions as expected is recommended for a flawless customer experience.

Choose a cloud-based commerce solution with SLAs

Building an affordable, scalable, and trusted small business eCommerce website has never been so easy. Bring agility to your website with Magento Commerce cloud and ensure you respond rapidly to the changing environment, scale quickly to meet unexpected demands, and provide a fast experience regardless of visitor volume.

Pre-packaged cloud infrastructure

  • Automated hosting platform
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Customizable & Scalable
  • Enhanced Security
  • Cost-effective packages

Guaranteed SLAs

  • Be prepared to handle the surge in traffic
  • Advanced end-to-end eCommerce Solutions
  • Defined Support Commitments for Quick Solutions
  • Commercially-Reasonable Efforts to Respond
  • Defined Incident Priorities and Initial Response Time

Surge protection, so you’re prepared in case of higher volumes

  • Respond to Spikes in Traffic & Transactions
  • Handle unexpected increase in store activity
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Massive Library of Assets in Adobe Stock
  • Avoid sudden website crashes
  • Prevent Downtime