Mobile Application Testing

Rave offers a comprehensive approach to QA/Testing on applications based on Android & iOS platforms. Our expert QA/Testers perform early requirement analysis by creating test cases, plans, test case executions and defect report management. We utilize Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), when necessary. Rave Digital performs extensive QA/Testing suited specifically to your mobile testing requirements and we follow the below scenarios to perform robust coverage of mobile application:


We perform an application’s compatibility with multiple firmware versions, as well as different device models. We check if an application is compatible with browsers (default, 3rd party). We also verify how an application is responding while interacting with device features like Flip, Slider, Camera, and Holster.

To view how we run through the compatibility checklist for mobile application with different OS & devices, please click the link below:


We provide extensive evaluations, ensuring a mobile applications user friendliness and consistent user experience per the mobile technology updates & standards.

To view a sample of miscellaneous checklist for mobile application testing, please click the below link: