Learn About Your High Selling Products

Gain insights into your eCommerce store’s Product Sales data. Recognize the best bundles and most profitable products. Evaluate historical data and identify actionable merchandising opportunities to drive revenue growth.

Compare Revenues From Different Businesses

Get hands-on performance reports by collecting comprehensive information from your eCommerce platform, analytics tools, and other sources. Analyze these reports to discover your key performance indicators (KPIs), compare revenues from distinct businesses, and streamline your store.

Analyze Shopping Behaviors by Segment

Obtain valuable insights into customer activities to reveal the possibilities of effectively targeting your customers. Understand the shopping patterns of your best customers and utilize the information for efficient customer segmentation across advertising channels and campaigns.

Magento Business Intelligence Reporting

  • 100+ Report Types to Analyze Business Performance
  • Centralize Your Data
  • Automated Data Replication Technology
  • Customize & Standardize Your Business Metrics
  • Turn Your Data Into Striking Visuals
  • Schedule, Send Analysis Directly to People’s Inbox

Four Distinct B2B Dashboards

  • Distinct Dashboards for Companies, Catalogs, Quotes, & Sales Reps
  • Create Multiple Customer Catalog
  • Ensure Unique Contract Terms
  • Compare the Performance of Sales Reps
  • Stay Organized With Unlimited Dashboards
  • Plan & Take Appropriate Actions To Grow Revenue

Integrations with CRM, POS, ERP, and more

  • Increase Visibility on the Inventory
  • Full Order & Invoice Tracking
  • Effortless Sync From Magento To CRM
  • Real-time 2-way Integration with POS
  • Reduced Support Calls
  • Simplify Compliance