About The Project

AutoBodyTimes is a WordPress website developed for America’s Number One Professional Source for Auto Body Tools, Equipment, and Supplies. It provides collision repair centers with valuable industry resources and content.




Banners Slider Management

Banner slider is a premium real estate of any website. That is the first thing that users sees and search engine crawls. We implement and recommend a good banner slider like Revolution slider. This allows you to have text overlays and embed call to actions. Both are very important as text can be crawled by search engine and with right call to action you take the user directly to part of the funner and enable goal conversions.
Responsive Theme Integration

Responsive Theme Implementation

A responsive design is a key to mobile first design approach. With increasing number of users transacting and browsing on small/smart devices, it is imperative for a website/web store to be optimized for increased goal conversion on smart phones and tablets.


Content Management

Content Management

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