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Connect Point Research is wordpress website developed for a digital marketing and lead generation firm loaded with the creative velocity necessary to stay ahead in an increasingly real time world.




Banners Slider Management

Banner slider is a premium real estate of any website. That is the first thing that users sees and search engine crawls. We implement and recommend a good banner slider like Revolution slider. This allows you to have text overlays and embed call to actions. Both are very important as text can be crawled by search engine and with right call to action you take the user directly to part of the funner and enable goal conversions.
Search Directory

Advanced Search

Search is a very important function of any web and mobile app project. Depending on the nature of the project emphasis on search needs to be implemented. For example for CMS sites search all content not just pages, post but also all custom objects. If  it is an eCommerce implementation, then in addition to searching product catalog, static content and blog; we implement predictive/type ahead search, weight based/weighted search, etc.
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