Magento’s one of the biggest releases before New Year!

Magento released Magento 2.3.0, the latest version of the Magento platform which is technologically advanced and has the potential to change the eCommerce in a big way.

Backed by the new tools, Magento 2.3.0 will help merchants boost their growth while allowing developers to deliver on client expectations faster and more easily.

Magento 2.3.0 is fully packed with new features to manage your eCommerce store, to increase your sales and offer your clients the best user experience in the online market. Here are the features:


Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) will help merchants to improve operational efficiency by managing inventory across multiple physical locations from within the Magento admin. Additionally, merchants can:

  • Assign products and quantities to each fulfillment source, such as warehouses, stores, distribution centers or third-party drop shippers.
  • Track inventory at each source for easier management of inventory.
  • Streamline operations with rules to prioritize and automatically control the inventory sources that are used to fulfill orders for each website in real- time.
  • Integrate with third-party inventory systems
  • Those having single inventory source can also be benefited from MSI with an inventory reservation system. MSI tracks deductions from the salable product stock when customers add products to carts and thus results in accurate quantity counts and high performing checkouts that accelerate conversion rates


Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to discover, read reviews and of course buying the product. Retailers need to get smarter about how to use mobile to their advantage by rethinking mobile shopping experience.

Magento 2.3.0 introduced Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which enable merchants to deliver premium mobile experiences that will not only increase engagement but also boost conversion rates. PWA Studio provides fast and cheap tools to build Magento-powered PWA experiences.

With PWA Studio, merchants can deliver app-like mobile commerce that is fast, integrated, and reliable. These experiences are proven to improve SEO and to drive 50% higher conversion rates, and 50% better page performance on average.


Available for Magento Commerce, Page Builder tool allows to quickly creating new pages, enriching products, and categories and launching content updates without the help of a front-end web developer.

Page Builder is an intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaced tool consists of a powerful set of content types like images, videos, and banners. It has:

  • Instant preview functionality that enables non-technical users to take control of their content.
  • A flexible grid system which allows positioning page elements in a highly customizable way.
  • A complete integration with the existing Magento functionality such as media gallery and widgets so you can incorporate these assets into your pages.
  • Using page builder, any user can create dynamic content blocks which can be used throughout the site, and even can schedule content to go live in the future with content staging and preview.

Apart from this, the latest release Magento 2.3.0 has more to provide:

Magento Shipping – Added support for new fulfillment options and expanded global availability.

GraphQL – A flexible and performant storefront API with rich developer tooling that is integrated into the Magento API ecosystem.

Faster Performance with asynchronous & Bulk Web APIs – New scalable APIs enable better control over the timing and execution visibility of API calls, at greater volume, and without waiting for all previous operations to complete.

Declarative schema – Ease the upgrade and installation process by allowing developers to declare the final desired state of the database and have the system adjust to it automatically, without performing redundant operations.

Improved indexing performance – Sharding and parallel processing of indexers reduce indexation times by over 60% to support larger sites and quicker product updates.

New security tools – Help further secure your stores and prevent fake logins with Google ReCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication.

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